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Pro-youth - for skin showing signs of ageing

Designed to target wrinkles and puffiness this light-weight serum contains the advanced Tri-Collagen Complex' to reinforce natural collagen synthesis and visibly plump out lines. Basaline from malt extract strengthens the dermal-epidermal junction, Brassica extract from Rapeseed decreases the melanin content, Brown Algae extract has a draining action to reduce puffiness. For All skin types.

For women aged 25+ for first anti-ageing response.

Apply the size of a grain of rice around the eye contour area and lightly pat in until absorbed.
Tri-collagen complex derived from innovative collagen technology, it provides mutliple benefits. Soft and velvety skin, which is protected, stronger, and more resilient; and a smooth, youthful and plumped texture.
Pro-Collagen - a natural marine precursor of collagen these very thin particles penetrate deep in the upper layers of the skin to help stimulate collagen synthesis and smooth wrinkles.
Atel-Collagen - marine solubilised collagen which has physical properties virtually identical to those of natural. This collagen acts in the upper layers of the skin and provides a film forming action and a skin moisture blanket.
Marine soluble Collagen