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Express smoothing active primer - Double action smoothing base with immediate and lasting effects- 30 seconds to smooth wrinkles and provide long-lasting treatment.

A double treatment, smoothing and blurring, make-up base. It is applied to the entire face or to a targeted area, to smooth skin texture and irregularities.??It can also be applied over make-up, for express touch-ups.
Its melting texture leaves a soft and velvety touch. Instantly, the features are smoothed, the skin texture is refined.??Day after day, a multi-correction of wrinkles takes place, the face looks rejuvenated!. All skin types.

Lift action: - Three-dimensional polysaccharides form a tensor film on the surface of the skin, to instantly smooth fine lines.

Blur effect: -micro-powders blur visible pores and skin texture.

Durable multi-correction : - A combination of 4 active (hexa-peptide relaxant + collagen booster + active peeling + booster hyaluronic acid) which acts on all types of wrinkles (deep+surface+dryness) for a smoother skin.

Advantages : Spectacular immediate effect

Boosts the treatment effectiveness of a daily moisturizer. - Improves the make-up result (better foundation hold, more even and luminous result.)

It targets all women with established wrinkles and fine lines, who want to achieve a spectacular and immediate result on wrinkles and boost the effectiveness of usual anti-wrinkle cream.

Apply after your daily care on the entire face or on concerned areas. Excellent make-up base.
Can also be used during the day for a flash beauty

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