R 783.00

Resurfacing Night Cream

Tissue renewal booster - instantly smoothes the skin and reveals radiance

A velvety night cream enriched with a cocktail of 6 hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA, for a perfectly safe peeling effect and action on wrinkles, brown spots and imperfections.

Results :

  • Night after night, the complexion becomes brighter
  • Wrinkles fade
  • Pigmentation defects are reduced
  • Skin texture is refined.

After 4 weeks :

  • 77% more radiant complexion
  • 70% smoother skin
  • 75% refined texture
Apply at night on a clean face, every day or alternate every 2 days, for the most sensitive skins.
Do not apply to humid skin, around the eye area or on open wounds
A slight tingle might occur after Application as the anti-ageing Ingredients of SLEEP AND PEEL® take action.
If an intense burning sensation occurs, rinse your face with cold water and stop using the product.
Do not use in association with other potentially or sensitizing products.