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Re-oxygenating Exfoliating Mask

A dual action exfoliating mask to re-oxygenate and reveal new skin

Step 1: New-skin revealing scrub : Massage gently into clean skin. Perlite spheres gently remove dead cells while an enzyme mimicking the embryo hatching process, boosts exfoliation, for a complete new-skin effect.

Step 2: Younger Complexion reoxygenating mask : When the scrub is completed, leave to settle, the texture will transform into an active mousse. NCTF boosts cell Renew and micro-bubbles of oxygen are released, to allow suffocated skin to breathe. When the bubbles have disappeared, it's time to rinse off.

Benefits :

  • Immediately, pores are tightened and skin texture is refined and smoothed.
  • Reoxygenated, the skin glows with new found Radiance.
1. Spread a thick layer over dry skin, avoiding the eye area.
2. Gently massage the product into the skin using circular movements. Continue for one minute.
3. Leave to rest. Bubbles will start to form, this means that the mousse is retaining oxygen.
4. Once the bubbles have disappeared (after about ten minutes), rinse off with water.
can be used on all skin types, between one and three times a week

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