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Lashes and brows (booster serum + Volumizing Care

A double formula for fuller lashes and brows. Sparse thin lashes, undefined eyebrows or over plucked brows. A double formula with double action to enhance and restructure the eyes.

Step 1 - Booster Serum (thickness + Length)

On one end, an ultra precise liner tip, to deposit the active ingredients close to the lash and brow roots. This Kera-extend CX Complex combined with high-dose NCTF, works at the root to lengthen them for fuller brows and lashes. Leaves lashes longer and fuller, the brow line is reshaped.

Step 2 - Volumizing care (nourishing + thickening)

On the other end, an injected brush, like a mascara brush, that instantly coats and shapes the lashes and brows. A double action nutrition matrix diffuses proteins into the core of the fibres to immediately nourish and thicken lashes and brows.This colourless base makes make-up easier to apply and improves its hold.

Effectiveness within 14 days

Step 1: Booster serum
Apply the serum to the roots of cleansed lashes and brows in the morning and evening.
The applicator brush delivers the product optimally and precisely.

Step 2: Volumizing care
Apply the product to the brows and lashes from root to tip in the morning and evening. The brush coats each lash and brow with powerful active ingredients to nourish.
Lashes and brows are cared for and perfectly prepared for make-up application.


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