R 720.00

Anti-ageing led-light activator - Phototherapy

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This skin product was developed to enhance the light effects diffused by LED's and will stimulate skin regeneration.

The unique synergistic combination of this product together with the "Lumitherapist LED" device, improves skin's firmness, complexion and texture. It has a unique formula matrikine and a combination of plants.

  • It increases the regeneration and the pro-collagen efficiency of the light.
  • Strengthens the unifying anti-spot action of the LED by decreasing redness.
  • Acts on the skin redensification by simulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and laminin 5, a major protein of the dermo-epidermic junction.
  • Protects the skin against free radicals.
  • The skin looks brighter, smoother and more radiant.