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Enhances elasticity of the nails

By applying a slight pressure to the fibre-like tip of the applicator it only gives out as much Neem Nail Oil as you need.

The caring oil is applied with brush-like strokes. Clean and economical you can now care for the nails any time both at home and away. Nail polish can alter the colour of the tip of the applicator.

In order for your Neem Nail Oil Pen to look clean all the time, three easy-to-use replacement tips are provided.

Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits :

  • Encourages Renew and enhances the elasticity of the nails.
  • Prevents excessive hardening of the cuticles, makes them soft and pliable.
  • The handy pen form is ideal for nail care when you are out and about
  • Strengthens, smooths and protects the nail bed
  • For soft brittle nails and dry ragged cuticles
Apply oil with the fibre tip of the pen in the morning or as required, and gently massage into the nails and cuticles.
* Neem, *Kidney Vetch, *Chamomile
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Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil Pen 3ml
R 283.50 R 315.00

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