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Non foamy cleanser

Its creamy mild formula is suitable for all skin types, women and men.

Selected herbal extracts such as marigold, chamomile, St. John's Wort and Kidney Vetch mildly invigorate and refresh the skin. This non foaming creamy almond base preserves the natural barrier of the skin. The Cleansing Cream also tightens the pores promotes elimination and clarifies the skin.


  • Stimulates the skin's self-cleansing powers thus helps prevent blackheads.
  • Non foaming gentle cleansing with long-lasting moisturizing action.
  • Preserves the skin's natural barrier layer.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth normalizing production of dead skin cells.
  • Refines pores and soothes reddened sensitive skin.
  • Use Cleansing Cream morning and night.
  • Place about 2cm Cleansing Cream in the palm of the hand mix with a little water apply to the well-moistened skin and press in without rubbing or scrubbing working from the center outwards and from the top downwards. Repeat press and roll movements several times with wet hands.
  • Wash off with plenty of warm water (rinse once with cool water to finish)
Almond, Acerola Powder - anti-oxidant, Marigold - wound healing, Kidney Vetch

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