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A new generation eye care to correct the first signs of ageing 30+

Enjoy the exceptional power of the wrinkle eraser which instantly smoothes away your lines, and leaves your eye contour area rejuvenated. This 2-in-1 skincare product corrects the signs of ageing and immediately enhances the beauty of your skin. The innovative design of the silicone wand allows for ease of Application.

  • Correcting action: prevents, smoothes and fills fine lines and wrinkles; softens dark circles and puffiness (Galangal Extract, Orange Flavonoids, Ruscus Extract, Yeast Extract),
  • Beautifying action: instantly brightens the eye area thanks to gold pigments that neutralise the purple colour of the dark circles, enhancing the beauty of your skin without the need for makeup. All skin types - No Mineral Oil

Result :

As daily care: After 7 days ‚¬œWrinkles are smoothed‚¬?, ‚¬œthe eyes are well-rested‚¬?
As a night mask: In the morning ‚¬œThe dark circles are visibly reduced‚¬?, ‚¬œthe eye area looks rejuvenated‚¬?

A range of preventative and corrective anti-wrinkle treatments enriched with powerful active Ingredients to breathe the joy of living into thirty-something skin.

* Morning and evening, after cleansing, place a drop of the gel-cream on the inner corner of your eye. Using the applicator carry out 2 light smoothing movements towards the outer corner of the eye.
* Use your fingertips to repeat this technique twice and finish by smoothing the frown line area and supercilliary arch.

Madarin Essential Oil, Galangal Extract, Orange Flavonoids, Ruscus Extract, Yeast Extract.