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CR7 is the new casual, every day scent, by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sporty, energetic and modern, CR7 is an after shave balm for the spontaneous and on-the-go young man who aspires to live life like their idol.

Blended with notes of bergamot, cardamom, lavandin, tobacco, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk and vanilla, the fragrance is a contemporary cocktail of bold, daring scents, reflective of Ronaldo's strong, vibrant character.

"It's my secret weapon. I start my day with CR7 After Shave Balm and it gives me the confidence to live each day to the full"

SKU: CR710077
Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 RED After Shave Balm 100ml
R 165.00 R 179.00

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