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A gentle cleanser

These gentle wipes aid in the removal of allergens, dust and dirt. The soothing Chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and gently removes crusting around the eye area.

Suitable for new-borns. Tearless, rinse-free formula. Alcohol, preservative and fragrance free. Soothing formulation enriched with chamomile extract. Ophthalmologist recommended. Suitable for the most sensitive skins.

Benefits of using Chamomile on baby.

    • It is a natural cleanser
    • Soothes eye irritation
    • Removes allergens, dust and dirt
    • Helps prevent crusting around the eye area
    • Leaves baby with healthy, bright and clean eyes.

    The Baby Eye wipes are individually pre-moistened eyelid wipes that provide a suitable way to clean and refresh baby's eyelids and lashes. The soft, absorbent wipes have been specially designed to remove ocular secretions, crusted matter and residue from lashes and delicate skin around the eyes.