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Beaucience Botanical Nourishing Conditioner :

Suitable for all skin types

Contains a hydrolysed protein from the seeds of Quinoa that imparts multifunctional benefits such as:

  • Substantivity, to aid the repair of damaged hair, making the hair looks smoother & silkier.
  • Penetration into the hair shaft for powerful protection.
  • Film forming properties that protect the hair from environmental exposure.
  • Binds moisture & provides nourishment to the hair.

This product also includes soyabean oil that moisturizes, nourishes & strengthens the hair.

This conditioner is unique because the protein only requires a short contact time (60 seconds) with the hair when used.

The products are free from any chemical contaminants (paraben free, toxin free and synthetic oil free), therefore the risk of an allergic reaction has been greatly reduced.

Apply a small amount into the palm of the hand and massage into scalp after shampooing.
Leave on for 60 sec. then rinse well.
Seeds of the Quinoa, Soyabean Oil