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Afriderm Eye Cream :

Active Care for Dark Skin - Soothing -

(specially formulated to help protect and maintain the rich, exotic beauty of dark skin.)

Botanically-infused freshness for tired eyes with Aloe, Shea Butter Green Tea. Soothes the eye area while improving firmness.Contains aloe and natural botanical oils, including Jojoba and Sea Buckthorn, to calm and cleanse the skin, sweeping away toxins and free radicals. Shea butter combined with omega 3 6 work to lock in moisture, warding off dry, ashy skin, puffiness. All skin types.

Benefits :

  • For fresh, radiant skin
  • Firms the eye area
  • Helps with puffiness

Apply to the eye area morning and night.

AFRIDERM Eye Cream 30ml
R 195.84 R 204.00

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