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Afriderm Exfoliating Body Scrub :

Active Care for Dark Skin - Polish & Moisturize -

(specially formulated to help protect and maintain the rich, exotic beauty of dark skin.)

Removes particles of dead skin and enriches the skin with Dead Sea salts and an abundance of concentrated minerals. Stimulates blood circulation and promotes remonly of toxins. Your skin is silky smooth. This scrub has a pleasant fragrance for a vibrant aura.

Benefits :

  • Cleans and revitalizes the skin
  • With nourishing avocado, almond and sesame oils
  • For fresh, radiant skin

(This product carries extra International shipping fees due to weight - please inquire for a quotation)

In the shower, apply a small amount of scrub on damp skin. Massaging it circularly into the skin.
Massaging especially on tense areas (shoulders, joints...) in order to relax the body. For a spa treatment use the scrub on dry skin.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.