Alyson talks about self tan application

The Vita Liberata tanning range has been perfectly formulated with marine and organic botanical extracts to condition the skin and offer a luxurious and totally natural colour. Always use your Tanning Mitt to protect the hands and guarantee a streak free, instantly dry result.


Always exfoliate before tanning using Super Fine Skin Polish. This will remove the dead/dry skin cells and smooth the skin surface, providing the perfect base for tanning. Massage Super Fine Skin Polish into dry skin prior to showering, paying particular attention to areas such as elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles. Rinse off and then dry your skin thoroughly. You can further prepare the skin with Skin Plumping Peptide Mist, which regulates the pH level of the skin to ensure a deeper tan and a better fade. Do not moisturise prior to tanning as this will create a barrier to the tan. On areas of very dry skin, you can apply a very small amount of moisturiser and allow the skin to dry thoroughly before applying tan. If possible, avoid moisturising at all in the 24 hours prior to your tan.


Place hand inside Tanning Mitt. Pump some product onto the mitt and close your hand to distribute evenly. Using light, elongated, circular movements, apply the tan one limb at a time working from the top of the arm to the wrist, and the bottom of the leg to the thigh. Blend lightly on the back of the hands, using the residue product from the arms.


Starting at the shoulder, tan your arm, the edge of your shoulder, and as far around the back of your shoulder as you can reach. Ensure to tan the side of the body/breast, under the back of the arm and lightly around the armpit. Tan the rest of the arm using approximately 5-10ml of product at a time, blending around the wrist to avoid the heel of the hand. Using only what is left on the mitt tan first the back of the hand and then the top of each finger in turn, taking care to avoid the nail bed and cuticles. Do not tan between the fingers or on the palms, as these areas do not naturally tan, even on darkest skin types. For a perfect finish wipe elbows and all knuckles with a very slightly damp cloth to avoid these areas looking too dark.


Start at the front of the ankle and apply in large elongated circular movements. Ensure you tan the back of the leg as well as the front! When blending around the ankle avoid the very toughest skin, ensuring that you have blended where the leg meets the ankle. As with the hands use only the residue product on the mitt for the tops of the feet, blending at the edges with a slightly damp cloth.


For perfect ‘beach feet’, firstly imagine you have been on a beach holiday for 2 weeks. The sun will only hit the tops of your feet, and the bottom half of the sides will remain untanned. Apply your tan with this thought in mind, blending halfway down the sides. Then wipe away any tan lines with a dry cloth to give a totally natural finish. Always work away from the nail bed, back up the foot and blend at the ankle.


Tan around the back of the knee and lightly across the front. Ensure that all areas are covered in product. To tan the thigh you may require more product on your mitt. Using the same sweeping movements, apply tan to the thigh and buttocks. Continue across abdomen and back, finishing with chest and décolletage, blending the tan at the base of the neck and across the shoulders, back towards your arms.


Using either Deep Face (untinted) or Rich Face (tinted) apply liberally as you would a moisturiser (using a large grape-sized amount of product) on face and neck blending down to the décolletage. Wipe upper lip and eyebrows with a dry towel to ensure they are not over tanned.


To finish your tanning process, wipe knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows and sides of feet with a slightly damp cloth.