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In the Sisley laboratories, researchers and toxicologists work in partnership to ensure the ingrediants used and formulars produced are safe and harmless. All Sisley products are subject to clinic trials conducted under the supervision of dermatologists by independant clinical research centres.


Sisley constantly monitors the latest technical advances in skincare and beauty and works in close collaboration with scientists and university research teams. This allows Sisley to develop industry leading high-performance products where each formula is fully evaluated at every stage by experts and dermatologists. These strenuous clinical tests determine the efficacy and innocuousness of every product, performed under dermatological control by an approved independent institute for clinical assessment.

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Sophisticated , comfortable , delicate , silky, velvety , fresh, ... Sisley products offer a rich palette of textures and sensations which combine pleasure and efficiency.
With natural fragrances and innovative textures, Sisley beauty rituals always inspires moments of relaxation and well -being.