SVR - When you have sensitive or fragile skin, you feel how much it influences our emotions and our well-being on a daily basis. When it suffers, one can feel discomfort or shame.

When it gets better, we feel more confident, more radiant, more attractive.
Because SVR care is a concentrate of innovative assets and formulas,
they bring confidence and pleasure to high doses.

Created by Simone and Robert Véret on the conviction that Dermatology makes you more beautiful, SVR accompanies you every day to help you feel good about yourself.

Absoluteskin is an authorised Reseller of SVR Cosmetics. AbsoluteSkin also markets all the SVR Skincare Ranges and Skin Products Online to be able give access to this wonderful French Brand to all people in South Africa, SVR has recently introduced it's natural Vegan Range SVR Biotic. Popular products include SVR Sunscreen Blur, SVR Gel Mousant. SVR Face Products, The Sebiaclear range Combination/Oily skin is also extremely popular.

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