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Founded in Cape Town by South African engineer, Stella Ciolli, SKOON. is a natural skin care collection that uses best-in-class non-toxic ingredients in scientifically formulated combinations.

SKOON products contain a variety of pure plant oils, rich nut butters, exquisite floral essences and botanical extracts sourced from all over the world – and formulated in SKOON's lab in the Cape.

>SKOON does do not accept that good, effective skincare needs to contain parabens or any toxic ingredients procured at great expense to the environment, and at the expense of women’s health and well-being.  SKOON don’t condone formulations that might be carcinogenic or harmful to your health. Where possible, Skoon sources locally and encourages local production of raw ingredients. SKOON also rejects, in the strongest terms, the idea of testing on animals.

SKOON Nkuto Butter 60ml

R 479.00 R 599.00

SKOON Rosehip C+ Concentrate 5ml (mini)

R 204.00 R 255.00

SKOON Starter Pack Normal Skin

R 559.00 R 699.00

SKOON Starter Pack Sensitive Skin

R 559.00 R 699.00

SKOON Skin SIPS 5ml (mini)

R 143.00 R 179.00

SKOON GlowDrops 5ml (mini)

R 160.00 R 199.00

SKOON Phyto Light 50ml

R 524.00 R 655.00

SKOON Whitewash Purifying Clay Cleanser 30ml (mini)

R 160.00 R 199.00

SKOON Gel To Milk Cleanser 30ml (mini)

R 160.00 R 199.00

SKOON Phyto Red 50ml

R 572.00 R 715.00

SKOON Mineral Matte Serum 15ml

R 380.00 R 475.00

SKOON Squalane Concentrate 5ml (mini)

R 160.00 R 199.00

SKOON Spotless Stick 10ml

R 311.00 R 389.00

SKOON Pretty Smooth 15ml (mini)

R 200.00 R 249.00

SKOON Phyto Red 15ml (mini)

R 207.00 R 259.00

SKOON Pretty Smooth 50ml

R 524.00 R 655.00