REN Masks & Exfoliators


Exfoliators: Skin looking tired? Dull? Flaky? You'd be amazed at what a little exfoliation can do. Deep-cleaning your skin not only helps to fight blemishes, it stimulates the natural cell renewal process, leaving skin looking younger for longer. Choose exfoliating cleanser, salt body balm, micro-polish or AHA tonic – they're all designed to leave your skin brighter and glowing.

Masks: Every great skincare routine uses a mask once or twice a week. Formulated with our unique bio-actives, these restorative treatments work to balance skin and fortify it against damage. Find pore-minimising masks, glow-making masks, anti-ageing masks and our Evercalm masks, developed for sensitised skin. From one-minute facials to overnight treatments, it's time to give your skin a boost.

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