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Imagine a high-quality skincare line for both men and women that delivers on all its promises. A local brand that’s affordable, accessible, and most importantly – authentic. Meet South Africa’s brand-new unisex luxury beauty and lifestyle brand, The Oolala Collection.

We believe that everyone is beautiful. Oolala's products are created for all our clients, both men and women, who care as much about their wallet as they do their image. Yes. Our clients are smart, they are not sheeple. Our clients know what they want, and they get what they want! Why should it be any other way? You deserve only the BEST!

WE STAND FOR: Affordable Luxury, Proudly South African Products, Clean Beauty, Beauty Without Cruelty and Respecting Our Planet.

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OOLALA Hyaluronic Oil Moisture Boost Night 30ml

R 498.87 R 554.30

OOLALA Cold Therapy Muscle Relief Rub 100ml

R 92.47 R 120.75

OOLALA Hot Therapy Muscle Relief Rub 100ml

R 119.02 R 132.25

OOLALA Pamper and Glow Body Butter 250ml

R 326.02 R 362.25

OOLALA Hydrate and Refresh Strawberry Body Butter 250ml

R 326.02 R 362.25

OOLALA Relax and Renew Vanilla Body Butter 250ml

R 326.02 R 362.25

OOLALA Hyaluronic Serum Moisture Boost Day 50ml

R 408.82 R 454.25

OOLALA Conditioning Beard Oil Intense 30ml

R 216.32 R 240.35

OOLALA Conditioning Beard Oil Light 30ml

R 204.93 R 227.70

OOLALA Condition and Prep Pre Shaving Oil 30ml

R 170.77 R 189.75

OOLALA Smooth Shaving Gel with Argan Oil 50ml

R 143.86 R 159.85

OOLALA Anti Cellulite Slim & Firm Massage Oil 100ml

R 299.02 R 332.25

OOLALA Anti Cellulite Tone & Smooth Gel 100ml

R 258.75 R 287.50

OOLALA Volcanic Rock Detox Body Scrub 250ml

R 336.37 R 373.75

OOLALA Intense Hydrating Mask 50ml

R 336.37 R 373.75