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Il Frutteto 250g Bar Soaps

 Extra fine vegetable soap developed in the sun of a beautiful Florentine orchard.

Fragrance options:

  • Fig and Almond Milk (moisturizing and soothing)
  • Citrus and Bergamot (energizing and refreshing)
  • Pomegranante and Blackcurrant (nourishing and toning)
  • Red Grapes and Blueberry (nourishing and illuminating)
  • Peach and Melon (sweetening and toning)
  • Olive Oil and Tangerine (moisturizing and nourishing)
  • Mint and Quince Pear ( draining and purifying)
  • Medlar and Jujube (antioxidant and protective)
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Nesti Dante Il Frutteto 250g
R 53.95 R 59.95

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