The idea to make quality skincare products available to a broader market was conceptualised in Taiwan at a time when skincare technology was still in the developmental stages.
Lamarie's quest to create unmatched quality skin care took them to the US where they  strove to refine each product scientifically and in an extraordinary way.

LAMARIE Bio Revive Eye Gel 3ml x 3

R 135.00 R 220.00

LAMARIE Bio Beauty Bar

R 620.00 R 690.00

LAMARIE Bio Moist Cream 50ml

R 360.00 R 600.00

LAMARIE Sensi Protect Cream 50ml

R 330.00 R 550.00

LAMARIE Sensi Repair Serum 1 x 10ml

R 138.00 R 230.00

LAMARIE Sensi Tone Facial Toner 120ml

R 145.00 R 240.00