About Dr. Grandel

Beauty in the best of hands

DR. GRANDEL is an internationally successful company – and with very good reason.  Is a successful producer of brand-name products because they have  responded to customers’ needs which is the top priority of all DR. GRANDEL employees.

  • DR. GRANDEL strives to ensure that all of its products and services are of premium quality.
  • DR. GRANDEL is unique and different.
  • DR. GRANDEL is simply in a class of its own.

The desire to always meet customers’ needs is evident in the excellent products, and also in the exemplary way and organizing the entire logistics value chain. This approach is the main influence in everything that is done at Dr Grandal – how raw materials area selected, The state-of-the-art production in line, adhering to the strict and good manufacturing practice (GMP), and the manner in which the products delivered to the clients
The Dr. Grandal skincare philosophy is 4 separate types of treatments.

  • Pre-Age (Under 35)
  • Anti -Age (Over 35)
  • Add-Ons (Eye, Neck, decollete areas and Hands) (More) Info)
  • -Skin Problems (Pigmentation, Sensitive, Sebo, Dry Skin etc.) (More info)

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