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[Comfort Zone] constantly collaborates with a team of doctors and scientists so that every skin care solution is the most innovative and effective integrated response to a specific skin need. Their findings support the development of new projects and are enshrined in the Skin Regimen Lifestyle Guide.

Since skincare products feed and nourish the skin, we are extremely rigorous about what we put in our formulas.

[Comfort Zone] selects the finest natural-origin active ingredients and combine them with the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems to guarantee the maximum efficacy, safety and pleasantness of our products.

We are replacing silicones with nourishing oils and butters for maximum silkiness and to give skin the benefit of “real active beauty”.
Our products are manufactured in Italy with electric energy from renewable resources.

COMFORT ZONE Renight Cream 60ml

R 973.75 R 1,025.00

COMFORT ZONE Sublime Skin Cream 60ml

R 1,201.75 R 1,265.00

COMFORT ZONE Hydramemory Cream 60ml

R 926.25 R 975.00

COMFORT ZONE Sublime Skin Serum 30ml

R 1,325.25 R 1,395.00

COMFORT ZONE Sublime Skin Peel Pad 14pcs

R 641.25 R 675.00

Comfort Zone In Flight Upgrade Kit

R 332.50 R 350.00

COMFORT ZONE Essential Toner 200ml

R 351.50 R 370.00

COMFORT ZONE Essential Face Wash 150ml

R 351.50 R 370.00

COMFORT ZONE Essential Milk 200ml

R 351.50 R 370.00

COMFORT ZONE Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream 150ml

R 460.75 R 485.00

COMFORT ZONE Sublime Skin Eye Cream 15ml

R 897.75 R 945.00

COMFORT ZONE Essential Scrub 60ml

R 489.25 R 515.00

Comfort Zone Blue Skies Ahead Kit

R 332.50 R 350.00

COMFORT ZONE Renight Goodnight Kit - Travel size

R 190.00 R 200.00

COMFORT ZONE Tranquillity Blend 50ml

R 1,097.25 R 1,155.00

COMFORT ZONE Sublime Skin Rich Cream 60ml

R 1,325.25 R 1,395.00