Beautiful Earth sells personal care products to consumers and to the hospitality industry.

Beautiful Earth is committed to using natural products and the ingredient list on each individual product confirms this.  Beautiful Earth is also green – an environmentally friendly company with a sound Environment Management System (EMS).

We offer personal grooming alternatives where the fragrances are derived from essential oils, not synthetics/phthalates. And don't use harmful or undesired ingredients – no parabens, sulphates, colouring, mineral oils or glycols……..just natural, guaranteed.

All products are suitable for vegans. cruelty free, The contents are biodegradable and disposal system friendly.

Beautiful Earth Spot Treatment Oil 10ml

R 60.00 R 112.49

Beautiful Earth Facial Cleanser 100ml

R 99.00 R 169.09

Beautiful Earth Aromatic Bath Salt 300g

R 48.00 R 62.79

Beautiful Earth PMS Relief Oil 10ml

R 60.00 R 119.73