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A collection of e-mails received  from customers that have purchased at, Updated when they are received. For their privacy we have only published their first names and date the e-mail is received.

July 2020

Hi ABS, I would like to thank you for making products much more affordable and with awesome service. I'm very happy to support your business.Kindest regards - Talitha


Hi ABS, Decided to try your products out and if it works for my skin, you'll definitely be seeing more of me😁. Have a great day. - Welile


Thank you ABS!  The purchase was delivered without any problems.  We are very happy with the products ... will definitely order from you again :) Kind regards - Chrisna

Hi ABS, Thank you for the excellent and speedy service. Will definitely order again. Enjoy your weekend. Kind regards - Muriel


Hi ABS Thank you so much for the surprise sheet face mask received with my order. Very kind! My mom is so thrilled with her gift. Will definitely be ordering again. Have a great evening! Kind regards, Marika


Hi ABS, Thank you for the awesome service. 
Regards -Shavina


Thank you very much! Received my parcel yesterday and also my free gift…..much appreciated.- priya



I was so impressed with my first order I received, that I decided to place orders with you in future 😊
I'm trying out a new product, Filorga, and excited to put it to the test.. Perhaps I'll order the facial anti ageing creams as well, not sure what the product is like, but I'm excited about the serum I ordered and can't wait to use this.
Thank you for your amazing service!! - Regards, Gizelle 


Many thanks for your great customer service.  Looking forward to my products. 

Kind Regards - Chantelle 



Pleasure is all mine I enjoy buying ur products ur quick response and all u are the best😍 Best Moiponi


I just wanted to thank you for my Elemis parcel and samples which arrived on time yesterday. I have to say how impressed I am and won’t hesitate to order again!  Kay xx

June 2020


The Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum has changed my skin’s texture completely.  Sometimes when my skin needs more nourishment I only use this. When my skin is more balanced I mix a tiny drop into my regular moisturizer.  A big change in my skincare regime!!!

Thank you: Dr. Catherine


Hi Absoluteskin,

What a lovely note from you, thank you.
I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks! I read about your AbsoluteSkin product and I'm keen to try it out.
So far, I've had the best customer service by telephone since enquiring about the product. The follow up correspondence has been professional and courteous and your note today is a winner too!
Looking forward to the delivery and to using your product.
Thank you. Have a great day!


Thanks for the samples that i received with my order
I appreciate it , Aasiya


Morning AbsoluteSkin,

It's only a pleasure and boy do I wish I heard about absoluteskin sooner. I struggle to find svr products in my area. 
Keep well and safe. 
Regards Priya,


Hi AbsoluteSkin,

I trust you are well. Thanks so much for your email. And you are most welcome. I enjoyed the samples you gave me in my first order and that cream that I just bought from you now is the sample u gave me in my last order. And it worked really well for me. So had to purchase the full size. :) I'm a loyal customer once I'm happy with a supplier service. 
Have a awesome day ahead. Regards Prishka

Hi Absoluteskin, Thank u for your mail. It is the first time i have gone onto your website and absolutely love your products. Will certainly be ordering from u again soon. Regards Lindy


I’m happy to be able to support. Looking forward to receiving my parcel. I was delighted to find out that you stock Ahava. ❤️
Have a lovely day. Stay safe.
Kind regards Donne


 Thank you AbsoluteSkin.  It always a pleasure to support local business online
Warm regards,  Kate


Hi Absoluteskin,
I’m so happy with my products!! They arrived just now. I’m also so thrilled with the samples you sent me!! Just wanted to say thank you very much!!
Cheers, Micaela

Thank you I appreciate the great service I recommend you guys highly


Hi Asbsoluteskin,
Just wanted to respond and say - Your customer service is MAGNIFICENT, your products arrive on time, and well packaged and you sell what I want at a really good discounted price!
So it is a perfect relationship!  Thanks so much.  I’m pleased my business means something.Regards, Anna


 Hi Absoluteskin, Thank you for the continued excellent service, much appreciated! Best regards, Sonja


 Thank you AbsoluteSkin. Your prices and service is great 😀


Hi AbsoluteSkin,
Thank you for your email. I appreciate it. It’s been lovely shopping with you!
I’m very excited for my products. Have a great day and all the best to you!
Kind Regards, Micaela


Hi Absoluteskin,
Thanks so much for your kind words.  
I really appreciate your care for your clients,  it is very special these days because you do not get that often. I am looking forward to my order.

I enjoy Folorga NCEF so much, seen that we are stuck in Cape Town, I can't go for my regular skincare, if it was not for Absoluteskin I don't know what I would have done, because I only use Filorga and in Pretoria  
Thanks again for being there for me.
Have a wonderful day. Beverley


Hello AbsoluteSkin 
Thank you so much for the wonderful email. I am so looking forward to the items I purchased. Thank you for the great service. Kind regards Alisha.

 May 2020


Hi Absoluteskin, This made me smile, thank You for the kind message. Means a lot that time is actually taken to send kindness messages to customers. :) means a lot :)
Have a lovely day :) Nerusha 


Hi Absoluteskin,

So nice to receive such good customer service!! I can only highly recommend your business. I usually get my products in Germany when I am there and stock up for a while, that’s why I haven’t ordered in a long time. 
Well done guys! 
Warm wishes - Jess





Morning Absolute Lovely to receive a personal message. I was very happy with the service and pleased to see the pricing had remained unchanged from the last time I bought! Absolute Skin is my first stop when looking to restock my SVR, fantastic product. Kind regards Naomi




Hi AbsoluteSkin,
Just wanted to say thank you for the professional and generous service provided by Absolute Skin, my order arrived in good time and thank you, thank you, for all my extra goodies!   I was in heaven!   So grateful I found you, will be placing more orders very soon. 
Regards and have a safe and healthy day! - Monique 


Just an email to say Thank You  so so much for the excellent service as I just received my parcel.I truly appreciate the extra goodies I received in my parcel. Enjoy the  rest of your day!
Kind regards, Bronwyn


Good morning absoluteskin,

I just received my order and would like to thank you for the fast service and warm welcoming. I stumbled upon your website by accident but am so glad I made my first purchase (here's to many more). 
It's small things like this that make us smile during these difficult times. 
Thank you again. Shivani 


Good evening ABS, 
Thank you very much for delivering my products. I am very excited to start using it! 
Thanks for the little handwritten note about the SVR Creme SPF50! 
Kind regards, Elri.


Thank you for excellent service.
Best regards Michelle


Hi AbsoluteSkin,
I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order!  Thank you also for the samples which you included.
Regards Marieta

Good day Absoluteskin,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the speedy delivery on my order. I am suffering with very de-hydrated skin at the moment, and cannot wait to start using the products. My next order will follow shortly, and you have a new client for life. With many thanks,




Thanks so much Cheryl, my package arrived yesterday. Thanks for such good service. Warm Regards, Dianne



Hi Absoluteskin,

I just received my parcel. Just wanted to thank you for the great service. I'm really impressed and will definitely be ordering from you again.
Regards Diane


Hi AbsoluteSkin,
I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you very much for the excellent service you provided! I have received my parcel and I am so far happy with the products,
Kind Regards, Olivia 


Dear AbsoluteSkin,
Thank you for your personal note - it is so appreciated. As a new client, this gives me a great sense of comfort and confidence when shopping on a digital platform. I have been doing the PR for SVR, where I have been sharing the website address for Absolute Skin as a retailer of the produce - both in the media and on social media. I hope this has helped your sales.
You now have a regular client in me!
Warmest regards, Renee


Hi AbsoluteSkin,
I received my things today. 
Thank you so much and thanks for the lovely little gifts I really appreciate them. 
Have a super day. - Jonathan


Dear AbsoluteSkin,

Thank you so much for the email. I really appreciate the kindness and fast service :). Thank you so much I will wait for the tracking number :) 
Kind regards, Danielle

April 2020


Hi AbsoluteSkin, Thank you! Was just so relieved that I could get my moisturizer from somewhere and your prices are amazing so will definitely be ordering the rest of my skincare from you as it runs out. Thanks so much!



I just want to compliment you on running a business that many others could learn from. In a day and age where we often have to struggle getting good service I have over many years always been impressed with the level of service from AbsoluteSkin. Thank you for getting it right! From ease of ordering to delivery of the products as well as the communication and responses to queries is absolutely a pleasure.



Hi Cheryl 
I would like to thank AbsoluteSkin for your amazing service. I racked my package and the delivery date was set for 28 April. 
I was so surprised to receive my package today, 2 days after ordering. I will definitely use your services in the future.
Kind Regards

Thank you so much Cheryl for your amazing service.
Have a lovely day
Many Thanks - Poovie


Thank you so much 🙏🏽

I stumbled across your website and I'm glad I did you are the cheapest retailer that sells the Bioderma products I use and you have stock! Lol 😁
Have a blessed weekend and be safe. Ilse

March 2020


Hi! What a lovely message ! Thank you for that . Your service is great. Warm regards Monica

Dear ABS, 
Thank you for providing such an amazing product. It’s been difficult to obtain. 
Regards -Devina


Thank you so much for my parcel and all the samples!!  Good service... Regards  Alma


Good evening I have received my order today, thank you very much.  Kind regards, Estelle


Hi ABS, Thank you for keeping me in the loop I really appreciate the great service! Look forward to buying more goodies from AbsoluteSkin. Do keep well. Kind regards, Mosa

3/3/2020 - Good morning ABS,
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
- For the superb, efficient service and prompt delivery of my order
- For the lovely and very thoughtful gift, such a gracious touch
- For the samples, wonderful!
I look forward to ordering from your company again (hopefully soon ).
Have a lovely day.
Kind regards,

3/3/2010 - Hi There ABS!

Thank you very much for your email & EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!:)

Much Appreciated!:)

Have A Blessed Day, Best Regards, Gloria.

February 2020

21/02/202 - Hello ABS,

Firstly thank you for this beautiful email. Secondly, I'll keep buying from you because of a seamless process and exceptional customer experience. I wish you the best on your business - Warm regards, -Tshepi

January 2020