Yves Rocher - No Longer available In South Africa!

Franz Lamers

Yves Rocher the popular French Skin Care and Make-Up brand - Pioneer of Botanical skincare products will no longer be available in South Africa. This is according to the South African distributor and in conjunction wit

h AbsoluteSkin who will make the stock on hand available to anyone at a Discount of 40%. 

Advice to all Yves Rocher fans, lovers and users is to buy as fast as possible (Don't delay) just to ensure you get the products that you want - So go to www.absoluteskin.co.za and email your purchase request. 

It is so sad to see the brand vanish from our shores, but times must go on and we suggest that a suitable brands to replace the Yves Rocher range, is to use either Nuxe (French), Ahava (Dead Sea) or Beaucience Natu

ral or Botanical range ( South African) all these ranges are available at www.absoluteskin.co.za

AbsoluteSkin will with all Yves Rocher orders placed include samples of Nuxe, Ahava and Beaucience ranges for Yves Rocher clients for testing the difference between the brands.

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