Men really should moisturise...

Gone are the days when skin care is just for women. Mens skin care has come a long way from the days of soap and water.

Now days, there are numerous products specially designed to meet the needs of the male skin.  Your skin care routine should not be overwhelming but a simple 3-step routine that is easy to follow.

1- Cleanse

Stop, don’t reach for the soap…  Soap will only dry your skin out and produce more oil.  Typically men produce more oil and have larger pores due to higher levels of testosterone than women.  Cleansing every day will clear away the excess oil and daily grime without drying your skin; it will also stop that oil from clogging your pores, which can lead to breakouts. 

2- Exfoliate

Exfoliation, but I have already cleansed….  Cleansing washes away surface oil and dirt.  Where as an exfoliator gets deep down into your pores to remove that build up of impurities and oil. To be used once or twice a week, exfoliation also softens the beard for a closer shave and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

3- Moisturise

For most of you, skin care starts and finishes with soap and shaving foam. A light moisturiser can solve everything; it can replenish the moisture lost from showering and shaving and beat dryness, leaving a healthy, great looking skin.  Better still a moisturiser with a SPF will provide hydration and protection against the sun, helping to prevent the formation of skin cancers.

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