What skin type are you?

Normal Skin

Normal skin has a clear appearance, is smooth to touch and has very few, if any, blemishes. The pores on the skin are often small to medium size, skin elasticity is tight and skin tone is even.

How to treat:
Lucky you! A normal skin is what we all desire. Shop for products that help to maintain the moisture levels in the skin and are balanced in moisture and oil content. Twice weekly exfoliation will help to regulate the cell turnover and keep the skin moist, fresh and free from blemishes. A weekly hydrating mask will ensure moisture levels in the skin are optimised.

Oily Skin

Oily skin often appears shiny with enlarged pores. This type of skin is prone to acne, whiteheads and open pores.

How to treat:
Shop for products that help to reduce excess oil production, unclog pores and control shine. Provided there are minimal breakouts, weekly exfoliation will help to rid the skin of excess oil and debris which when left on the skin can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Look for lightweight or oil free moisturisers which will keep the skin hydrated without the oil. A weekly deep cleansing mask will also keep the skin in tip top condition and absorb excess oil.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can be sensitive to changes in the temperature. It often feels tight, especially after cleansing and can appear dry and flaky with a tendency towards fine wrinkles. Pore size tends to be small, so blemishes are smaller and more infrequent.
How to treat:
Shop for products that help to replace lost moisture in the skin. These may often be of a slightly richer, heavier texture. Provided the skin is not too sensitive, regular exfoliation will help to reduce flaky patches and regulate the cell turnover. Be sure to use a moisturising mask on a weekly basis to re-hydrate the skin.

Combination skin

Combination skin generally has a smooth, even texture, a healthy colour and good circulation, however has a tendency to higher levels of oil production in the t-zone(forehead, nose and chin) resulting in the occurance of breakouts.
How to treat:
Shop for products that are balanced in oil and moisture content, always apply slightly more moisturiser on the cheeks and less on the t-zone. Weekly exfoliation will keep the skin in check as will a regular mask treatment. A blemish gel will help treat any breakouts.

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