Marina De Bourbon - Manor House

Marin De Bourborn Crest

Princesse Marina de Bourbon

Marina DEe Bourbon

Fifth Sense

  • A truly timeless classic:
    « I like to wear my perfumes to bear a unique signature ! »
  • An advance spirit:
    « My perfumes must always be affiliated to nature and spicy elements… »
  • A univers of emotions:
    « A dab of perfume, is an intimate interpretation, echoing  a memory and inviting us to dream… »
  • A passion of beauty:
    « Olfactory accessories are just  another way  to win over  ladies’hearts… »

Cristal Royal, an authentic jewel of rare beauty and sophistication, sheer and glamour. Cristal Royal is an enthralling and voluptuous fragrance, symbolizing femininity and power. This blend of sensuality is dedicated to women who want to be enveloped by the golden essence of delightful senses.
The overall effect is a young, stylish, and eminently wearable perfume.
A floral perfume designed in Paris.